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I hope this gives you a small insight to my busy life. I have worked in Engineering and in the Fitness Industry for a number of years and the challenges are diverse and awesome.  

This year (2014) to date has been completely different to the last 9 years and I have seen family and friends grow and have lost some old friends - some before their time.  This is balanced with some wonderful highlights already and I know have some more to come and some exciting times ahead - I can't wait.

FitPro Live 2014 was awesome and the theme this year was to "Break the Rules". I've been doing that at work for a long time and now I'm going to take a gamble and break some more for me.  Watch this space .....

Any comments or feedback is welcome - I'm still getting to grips with this new website design package.

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Stay happy & healthy and remember your friends.

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